What: Soil is an important component of the biosphere and is an absolutely essential component for agriculture production.
Soil is essential for sustaining life on Earth. 95% of our food is from soil. Therefore, soil should be maintained in the face of pressures from increasing population to provide food, eliminate desertification and degradation of land.
Why: Egypt is 97% desert and only 5% of the land area is actually occupied with less than 4% of the land is suitable for agriculture.
And one of the main reasons for the lack of efficient agricultural land is the excessive use of chemical fertilizers so we have to find an organic alternatives to save our soil.
How: Our compost helps the soil to build a healthy structure of it and that through helping the soil hold nutrients in the root zone - prevents leaching. Increases the capacity of the soil for retaining soluble forms of plant nutrients.
Egypt is the NENA region’s most populous country with over 92 million people and a projected 120 million by 2050 so we need to protect our soil to help it produce more food for us and this will be achieved by raising their productivity by using natural alternatives like (compost) to chemical fertilizers.