What: Egypt is suffering from severe water scarcity. Only 20 cubic meters of water per person of internal renewable freshwater resources remain.
In addition, Egypt receives less than 80 mm of rainfall a year
By the year 2020, Egypt will be consuming 20 percent more water than it has. With its loosening grip on the Nile, water scarcity could endanger the country’s stability and regional dominance. With climate conditions expected to get drier and heat waves expected to become more frequent in the MENA region.
Why: We are interested in solving the problem because we are an agricultural innovation company and part of the agricultural community in our country, and we aware that there is a strong relationship between agriculture and the problem of water shortage because 85% of Egypt’s water resources are used for agricultural activities and this is a huge percentage.
How: So we had to find solutions of the water problem through produce compost which can reduce the water which needed for soil by 30% because it contains a high percentage of organic matter which can reach more than 45% and that helps the soil to be more cohesive and reduces the leaching of irrigate water from the soil.
Healthy soil is an important factor in protecting our waters. Compost increases soil’s ability to retain water and decreases runoff.
Runoff pollutes water by carrying soil, fertilizers and pesticides to nearby streams.