Why Baramoda

About Baramoda

Baramoda is the first agri-tech start-up in the Middle East and Africa specialized in sustainable agricultural innovations, develops biofertilizers from agri-waste based on the land , crops needs and The goal of agriculture.

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Our Mission

We provide innovative solutions to maximize the efficiency of agri-waste management, minimize the cost of production agricultural, reduce excessive use of chemical fertilizers, and increase crop production, at minimal usage of water resources.

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Our Vision

To lead the way to green environment by taking care of earth finite resource.


Passion for winning

We play to win. We are determined to be the best at doing what matters best. We have a compelling desire to stretch, to achieve personal goals and accelerate business growth, We believe we can help make a difference to our environment and change lives for the better .

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Each and every one of our employees represents the spirit of our company by consistently working hard to maintain our values, We are full of enthusiasm, passion and interested in providing solutions for society’s problems. We believe that nothing is more rewarding than giving life to a great idea or project. We all want to leave our mark on this society—to know that our life mattered! We are all leaders in our space of responsibility, with a deep commitment to achieving leadership benefits. We have a clear vision of where we are going. We inspire and empower people to achieve high standards and challenging goals. We operate within the letter and spirit of the leadership.


We deliver sustainable solutions to the Agriculture sector within our products. Our products can improve soil health, enrich crop quality, minimize water usage and overall land management to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We are seeking a sustainable safe and clean life through reducing pollution, endorsement reusing with add value, and recycling agricultural wastes, in order to handover the environment “pollution-free” for upcoming generations.


Spread the awareness in the agricultural society, and the affected by our services or products, the importance of organic agriculture and the value of agriculture waste.


Is the driving force behind everything we do at Baramoda. Across our startup departments, you will find R&D, Production team, and Operation working in the manufacturing plant, innovation Laboratory, and distribution Branch.so, we believe that baramoda will lead the agriculture innovation in Egypt and the Middle East, We strive for creativity and ingenuity in the agriculture sectors to change the world. We present staff with endless opportunities to be innovative. We empower our team to explore new ideas and provide permission to fail. We constantly strive to keep moving forward, improving and innovating, It is our nature to innovate.



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